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Temperature Control

An ice cooler box is designed to keep its contents cool for an extended period. It provides a controlled environment, especially when you need to store perishable items like food and beverages.

Longer Shelf Life

Ice cooler boxes are particularly useful for keeping food items fresh for an extended period. By using ice or ice packs, you can create a cold environment that slows down bacterial growth and delays food spoilage.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to other cooling options like electric coolers or refrigerators, ice cooler boxes are energy-efficient since they don't require electricity to operate. By using ice or ice packs, you can maintain the desired temperature without relying on power sources, making them ideal for outdoor activities where electricity may not be readily available.


Ice cooler boxes are generally more affordable than electric coolers or refrigerators. They offer a budget-friendly cooling solution for short-term needs, and they don't require ongoing electricity costs or maintenance expenses.

Ice Cooler Cart

JFX-W80-Red colour trailer type ice cooler

Product Size:90.5×38.5x88cm
Material: Iron spray
layer+PP plastic Inner liner Thermal insulation:24 hours Accessories:
one stainless steel bottle opener,
one caps collector,
Four wheels with 10″ size,
one cart frame,two ties

This cart is with a drager , able to take to any outdoor condition. Like it

Able to accept any colour for this cooler cart. If you can provide us the pantone code.

Able to provide logo printing , silk printing or laser printing.

Whether you’re going on a picnic, camping trip, or a road journey, an ice cooler box offers a portable cooling solution. It allows you to bring chilled beverages and food items with you, ensuring that they stay fresh and enjoyable throughout your outing. The portability of a cooler box makes it convenient for various outdoor activities.

White Ice Cooler

JFX-P13L-Ice Cooler Box

Product Size:32x24x38cm
Inner Size:25.5×19.5×27.5cm
Material:Iron spray
plastic+PU+PPplastic Inner liner Thermal insulation:24 to 48

Customer Recommendation

Client’s support is the Best Reward

Wow, I am extremely impressed with this ice cooler box! The quality and durability are exceptional. It kept my beverages and food perfectly chilled throughout the entire day at the beach. The insulation is top-notch, maintaining the cold temperature even in hot weather.


Jiza Sikuanza

I love the spacious design of the cooler box, allowing me to store a generous amount of items. The dividers and compartments helped me organize everything efficiently, ensuring easy access to what I needed. The drainage system worked flawlessly, making it effortless to remove melted ice and keep the box clean.

Peter Monier

The mobility features of this cooler box are outstanding. The large, all-terrain wheels made it a breeze to move across different surfaces, and the comfortable handle provided a firm grip. I could easily transport it from my car to the picnic area without any hassle.


Sara Carter

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